Cookie Pricing

Make your event memorable with hand decorated iced cookies.

Whatever your theme, we can create something special for you!

Minimum FOUR WEEKS NOTICE is required, although this does not guarantee availability. Please give as much notice as possible. All cookies come with the following:

- Individually wrapped and heat sealed in compostable clear bags with ingredient label.


- Finished cookies are wrapped in recyclable protective paper and placed in reusable white paper bags.


- Prices do not include delivery costs.


All cookies are ONE SIZE

Minimum order is 12 (ONE DOZEN) 

I can create several designs in one coordinated order, if that is your preference,

however I don't make individual designs in one order. 

Prices shown do not include delivery

Cookies are £3 each for the first 12 (one dozen)

e.g. x12 cookies = £36

13-20 cookies are £2.50 each (after one dozen)

e.g. x15 cookies = £51 (x12 @ £3 + x3 @ £2.50)

x20 cookies = £56 (x12 @ £3 + x8 @ £2.50)

21+ cookies are £2 each (after one dozen)

e.g. x30 cookies = £72 (x12 @ £3 + x18 @ £2)


- Mini bows for the clear bags: 50p per bow (one colour choice)