Frequently Asked Questions...

If you're unsure about anything, then your answer may be here. Of course, if you need any further help then please do get in touch!

What flavours do you do?

We currently only offer one cookie base flavour: Vanilla Bean 

The icing is plain Vanilla.

What are the ingredients?

Vanilla Cookie: Wheat Flour, Butter (Dairy), Sugar, Egg, Vanilla Bean Extract, Raising Agent, Salt

Icing: Wheat Starch, Dried Egg, Acidity Regulators, Dextrose, Guar Gum, Vanilla Extract, Cream of Tartar (Potassium Bitartrate), Colourings 


ALLERGENS: Our cookies are made in a home kitchen that also handles other foods and the following allergens:



Please be aware we cannot cater to those with food allergies due to risk of cross-contamination in our kitchen.

NB: Sorry, we do not currently offer vegan cookie options. Please contact us to discuss ingredients and for a full list.

How much do your cookies cost?

All cookies are ONE SIZE

Minimum order is 12 (ONE DOZEN)

Prices shown do not include postage/delivery

Cookies are £2.50 each for the

first 12 (one dozen)

e.g. x12 cookies = £30

13-20 cookies are £2 each (after one dozen)

e.g. x15 cookies = £36

x20 cookies = £46

21+ cookies are £1.50 each (after one dozen)

e.g. x30 cookies = £57

Writing: 15p per cookie

Metallic/Glitter: 15p per cookie

Mini Bows for Cookie Bag (1 colour of your choice): 25p per cookie 

Corporate Cookies are priced slightly differently, please enquire for further information.

What about packaging?

If you are ordering bespoke cookies: each cookie is individually heat sealed in a clear bag with ingredient label on reverse and then placed with bubble wrap in a sturdy bag or cardboard box. We try to limit packaging where we can, so your box may be pre-used. Please consider the environment and re-use it again!

If you are buying a gift box to be sent to  your recipient (COMING SOON): we individually heat seal each cookie and place in a presentation box with paper shred inside to protect them. They are tied with our P&C ribbon and tag, with "To" and "From".

If you do not need them to be individually wrapped because you are displaying them, please let us know!

NB: We no longer tie ribbons on our bags as they are heat sealed. We offer mini bows that are adhered to the front (additional charge).


Do you deliver?

I do not currently post (mail) any bespoke cookies due to risk of breakages. I offer hand delivery, for a fee, to central London or a suitable radius. Pretty & Cookie is based in UB8 (Uxbridge - London Borough of Hillingdon). 

We do post our personalised gift boxes, however, as these are much smaller. Once gift boxes go on sale, we will update here with the postage costs.

How long do the cookies take?

Iced cookies take a little while to make, unlike some other baked goods. The icing is all piped by hand and it takes several days to build the layers and create the finished product. A set of 12 cookies usually takes 2-3 days (approx 6-8 hours) from start to finish.

If you would like the cookies for a special event, please let us know as soon as you can, so that we can try to book you in, and to avoid disappointment. 

NB: I may already be booked for your date! As much as I would love to take multiple bookings, I am a full-time Mum, working from my home kitchen, and I may not be able to work on several orders at once.

can you recreate anything?

Well, I do try! Almost anything can be made into a cookie - just let us know your requirements.


Provide some pictures aswell, and we will take it from there! I can advise you the best options, based on your theme.

NB: I do not make exact copies of  'characters' or any 'trademarked image' cookies, due to copyright infringement laws. I only recreate logo or branded cookies if you are affiliated with,

and have permission from the copyright owner. I do not make exact trademarked characters e.g. Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol. If you would like a particular character, I can create cookies that represent that theme instead. 

where else can i find you?

Pretty & Cookie is over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you would like to follow!