corporate cookies

Branded and logo cookies are the perfect way to show off who you are! Clients will love seeing your business as an edible treat - and, even better, will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Use our bespoke biscuits to showcase your products or services - as client gifts, at your next event, to celebrate your staff or for journalists and media.

Corporate cookies can be created to suit the style and theme of your brand. We use high-pigment colours to match your palette, and pride ourselves on providing consistent cookies that are bold, bright and represent the brief.  Each cookie is hand-iced and hand-finished, so there will be an element of 'handmade' in their appearance, but we feel this adds to their appeal! 


Minimum order is 12 (ONE DOZEN)

Cookies start at £3.00 each for the

first 12 (one dozen)

e.g. x12 cookies = £36

{Please enquire for further details and a quote}



+ ALL cookies are individually wrapped and heat-sealed for freshness

+ I cannot make more than 100 cookies for one order as I am limited to space in my kitchen.

Please contact me if you have a larger order.

+ Finished cookies are packaged in paper bags for delivery.

+ Prices do not include delivery costs.